February Update
Guestbooks are now here! There will be bugs, and hopefully not explosions. So why not give them a try?
To activate: head over to your update listings page, choose your listing and set guestbooks to yes.

admin [17-02-23]: we've made a new affiliate, this time, a fellow artist directory! please go visit for kawaii overload https://cutegallery.neocities.org/
admin [03-02-23]: I'm working on a guestbook feature, where guests can leave comments on your profiles. trying to iron out the kinks...
admin [30-01-23]: added the first affiliate! go visit them :DD https://kopawz.neocities.org/
admin [27-01-23]: we have moved servers, as the last one was having downtime issues
admin [20-01-23]: 'quick pickup' section added to category pages
admin [20-01-23]: link trades and artists from other fandoms may list here
admin [20-01-23]: added "other sites" section
admin [07-01-23]: added Sagas category and subcategories
admin [01-01-23]: the directory is officially opened :'DDD
admin [30-12-22]: everyone's busy with holidays, so I will delay it a bit. but the site should be ready without massive bugs now
admin [27-12-22]: I hope to have the site ready just before new years, just gotta change the logos and stuff
admin [25-12-22]: added bot denial to web scrapers commonly used for ML
admin [14-12-22]: feature idea - bazaar where artists can post listings to their commission sheets
admin [11-12-22]: if that happens, for now just submit with a diff name and update the listing with your desired name
admin [11-12-22]: there is an issue with names being taken in the submission form even if they're not
admin [08-12-22]: I'm making a simplified form bc the old one is too long and exhausting to look at lol
admin [05-12-22]: hi
admin [05-12-22]: hu
admin [24-11-22]: to be listed on the slider set the listing type as reciprocal and fill in the reciprocal link URL as your site!

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