February Update
Guestbooks are now here! There will be bugs, and hopefully not explosions. So why not give them a try?
To activate: head over to your update listings page, choose your listing and set guestbooks to yes.

Submission Guidelines

Current Guidelines

In order to prevent impersonation or abuse, all submissions need to be verified. The easiest way is to post on your site indicating you'll be joining the repository (this also helps others know of the site!) If nominating an artist, please provide some form of proof showing you've received the artist's explicit consent.

Submission guidelines:

  • Your site must contain one or more works dedicated to the Dragon Ball series (for db categories). Alternate fandoms may select "Misc Fandoms" as their category
  • If your site is mainly for nsfw content, submit to the nsfw category. Otherwise ensure any nsfw content on your site is hidden behind age restrictions.
  • Your site must not have stolen art, or art of others passed as your own. Studies, including traces and copies are ok as long as they're indicated as such
  • Your site does not contain material that is discriminatory, promotes harm, harasses, intimidates or defames any individuals, groups or the general populace
  • Your site must not contain or promote illegal content, activities or anything punishable by law
  • Your site must not be simply an advertisement for paid goods or services, fundraisers or cryptocurrencies. However, you may list creator support sites such as ko-fi in the description or under "Links"

Sites that fail to follow these guidelines will be subject to removal.