February Update
Guestbooks are now here! There will be bugs, and hopefully not explosions. So why not give them a try?
To activate: head over to your update listings page, choose your listing and set guestbooks to yes.


What is this site?

This repository is a fun passion project I made for the Dragon Ball artist community. The popular term for sites like these are called "web directories", featuring listing of websites catalogued into different topics and interests. These served as alternatives to search engines and helped with site rankings and discovery. I used many of these to find Japanese artists of various fandoms in the past.

I realized artists today don't have many tools for letting themselves get discovered on the internet, and with social media most artists are still invisible outside their immediate following. As the site grows, hopefully it can provide a useful resource for artists and fans to connect with each other.

How do I list my site?

Click "Submit my site" or register an account first and fill in the required fields. Make sure to select all categories that apply. For now, sites will be automatically accepted but this is subject to change if spam and abuse becomes an issue.

I can't find a proper category for my site? What do I do?

You can suggest categories while submitting your site by choosing an appropriate parent category first, then clicking the checkmark on "Add new category" and entering the category you want your site under. You can also suggest categories with the "Submit Category" link.

What are regular and reciprocal sites?

Reciprocal sites are listed sites that attach a link back to the repository where others can find them. This helps share the word and grow the site. Regular sites do not have a back link.

How do I get featured on the homepage sliders?

To get featured, simply let others know of the repository for example by posting the link on your website. Then set your listing type as reciprocal in the submission form. You will also need to put the exact link where you shared the site in the "Reciprocal Link URL" field. Your listing will now be picked up by random for the homepage slider.

Can I list more than one website?

As long as they serve different purposes that's completely fine! (i.e., social media site to personal website, sfw to nsfw accs, an event announcement, etc) In keeping the quality of this repository, please list ko-fis and other creator support platforms under the "Links" section.

The directory is missing important characters!

In order to avoid too many empty categories, I decided to list the more popular ones first (but I may have missed a few!). If your art is dedicated to a character who isn't listed, please submit a listing and suggest your character as a category. Management will try to sort them appropriately.

Can I submit a site that's not in English?

You are more than welcome to! I would love for this tool to help connect fans around the world.

Does my submission need to be in English?

Nope. Feel free to write in your first language if that's what you're more comfortable with. There are machine translation tools to help us understand each other.

It's taking a long time to be accepted!

This repository is maintained by only one person, due to various factors, it may take a while to get through and review submissions. Apologies for any delay and please have patience.