February Update
Guestbooks are now here! There will be bugs, and hopefully not explosions. So why not give them a try?
To activate: head over to your update listings page, choose your listing and set guestbooks to yes.


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How do I use this repository?
For Artists

Find and connect with artists
Browse and discover other like-minded artists with similar interests. Make new friends! Browse by category, tags and the search tool.
Create a submission and get listed
Fill the form and submit your site. Showcase your work and tell us about yourself! Once accepted you may edit your listing at any time.
Customize your page
Express yourself by customizing the layout, banners and background of your profile page with your own colors and images.
Customize your card
Customize your avatar and the color accent of your card. Transparent animated gifs and pngs are supported. Icons are pixel art friendly.
Gather your links
Let others know you're open for commissions and list all your sites where fans can support you
No Algorithms
There are no algorithms, thank goodness. All posts are sorted chronologically. Feel free to bump your site to the top of the list any time you wish.
(Optional) Help the site grow
Tell your friends about the site, share on social media! The repository will be become a more powerful tool for finding and connecting fellow artists. As a sign of appreciation, you'll be featured on the nifty homepage slider.
For Fans and Artists

Discover artists
Browse and discover artists who draw the content you love. Define by category, tags or use the built in search tool.
Support artists

"Where can I find a directory of artists open for commissions? -anonymous commissioner

This platform can do just that. Find artists currently accepting commissions, follow them on social media and find out other ways to support them via their listed links
Subscribe by interests (beta)

Create an account and subscribe to your favorite categories or by keywords. You will receive weekly digests of new artists that interest you.