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Guestbooks are now here! There will be bugs, and hopefully not explosions. So why not give them a try?
To activate: head over to your update listings page, choose your listing and set guestbooks to yes.

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  • admin [Dec 27, 2022 - 04:42 PM]: I hope to have the site ready just before new years, just gotta change the logos and stuff
  • admin [Dec 25, 2022 - 02:23 PM]: added bot denial to web scrapers commonly used for ML
  • admin [Dec 14, 2022 - 06:45 PM]: feature idea - bazaar where artists can post listings to their commission sheets
  • admin [Dec 11, 2022 - 04:17 PM]: if that happens, for now just submit with a diff name and update the listing with your desired name
  • admin [Dec 11, 2022 - 04:16 PM]: there is an issue with names being taken in the submission form even if they're not